Pre-Construction Buying Guide

Buying a pre-construction home in Canada can get confusing. That’s why That Pre-Construction Guy has put together a guide to help you out. This guide explains all the tricky terms you might come across, like “occupancy fees” or “Tarion warranty,” in a way that’s easy to get. You’ll also learn about your rights and what you’re supposed to do as a buyer.

Part 1 - You'll learn about the amount of initial deposit you must pay to secure a unit, taxes, and your rights as a pre-construction buyer in Canada.

Part 2 - Act within your rights if you feel buying a pre-construction property right now wasn't the right choice. We go in detail how to effectively use this time.

Part 3 - You might have to pay additional funds to cover development costs of your new neighbourhood. Learn more here.

Part 4 - With your pre-construction unit almost ready to move in, the developer starts the pre-occupancy period. Read our guide to learn more.

Part 5 - Final closing is here and you are almost ready to become a happy, new owner of a new property. Read this before your journey ends.

Canada has a thriving pre-construction industry. Cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are hubs for some of the most sought-after projects, where …